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Pig Save: Bearing Witness from Toronto Pig Save on Vimeo.


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tpsAN1MAL March 11 2013

• People To Know: Anita from Toronto Pig Save. Jennifer Sorrell’s poetic blog at The Vegan Sprout about the Pig Save movement. Jenn adds photos worth a thousand words to illustrate the meaning and poignancy of bearing witness of pigs sent to slaughter in downtown Toronto.

• An Interview with Anita Krajnc: 10 Questions For the Founder of Toronto Pig Save. Victoria Niederhoffer’s creative and wonderfully illustrated blog called My Non Leather Life

• From A to Vegan’s blog “Chalk Art and Bearing Witness,” by Mauro posted on May 23, 2013.

Harlem Shake Toronto Pig Save style by  LILIANA DANEL


New videos:

Chalk art and bearing witness at Toronto Pig Save vigil

Toronto Cow Save bears witness of crippled cow at “St. Helen’s” slaughterhouse

We Promise You by Michael Sizer

My Journey Bearing Witness with Toronto Pig Save by Michael Lanfield