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60 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. christine ciancio Says:


    Please tell me how I can help. I am not fincially able to donate but I have time in my schedule on weekends to help anyway I can, just please let me know what I can do.I have been a vegtarian for 5 years and now I am trying to be on a total vegan diet, for absolute ethical reasons.

    I want to help and be a part of helping animals.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Christine Ciancio
    (416) 322-3223

    1. Hillary Matt Says:


      I was going to write my own message but after I read this one I decided I didn’t need to.

      I ditto this message, accept I ate a vegetarian diet for 2 years and have been vegan since October of last year. I want to volunteer, in any way possible. I have a very flexible schedule and am usually free weekends as well.

      I also want to help animals,

      Thank you in advance for all you have done,

      416 460 6870

  2. Nora lynch Says:

    My heart is breaking as I look at this. How horrible! I thought these days were gone. I love pigs and sponsor a pig at a farm sanctuary in ON. So sad

  3. Hi Gwen, You are an incredibly devoted and awesome Animal Rights Activist. I would like to organize a vigil day with you, inviting many of my contacts. Please let me know if this would be okay with you. Yours in rescue, Nicole

    1. christine Says:


      did you get a response to your vigil request?

  4. Bonnie Says:

    I am so moved by what I’ve read here. My heart soars knowing that there are people doing God’s work, being with the animals as they are lead into slaughter. I am appalled to read that the founder of this slaughterhouse has a Jewish name. He shames our religion, that he would engage in ritual slaughter – does he not remember that we too were the victims of ritual slaughter??? How quickly some people forget, or choose to ignore, for the sake of a quick buck. You know, I really hope there is a hell for people like him. But I want to focus on love and light, the way you do. I want to do what is best for animals, and being a beacon of love will serve them best, I believe.

    1. David Guy Says:

      I am assuming you are not a meat, poultry, fish or dairy consumer. And yes dairy is in there too or do dairy cattle not count. Pigs, cattle including dairy cattle, fish, chicken and turkey are all grown soley for our consumption. Other than fish, all other livestock will cease to exist as there sole function is food. What, u gonna make them your pets. They do not have another use. This is a joke guys. U misrepresent the industries by posting misrepresented pictures then u cry foul as u munch on that yummy sandwich and sip on that glass of milk.. Honestly, veggin taste like shit and certainly does not and will not replace meat, poultry, milk or fish. Slaughter these days is done with gas and that’s it. Game over. Once the animal is affected by the gas, they are out and the rest of the process is conducted in a quick and humaine way. They are gassed and killed. Please do your research into the process. We have. Studies have been conducted over and over again to develop the best tasting and tender product possible. We do this by eliminating as much trauma for the animal as possible in it’s life and in it’s death as trauma leads to tough meat. Gassing the animal is a trauma free way to go. Watch the process for yourself. They do not feel a thing. I am a pig farmer and proud that my 3000 animals are all healthy and humainly treated. What you forget is that we have to treat the animal with the most care we can as sick or mistreated animals will not give us that yield we need per pig. It is a business and we need to get the most bang for our buck and that is achieved with healthy happy animals. Every morning every animal in the barn is evaluated and anything that is not 100% healthy is noted and addressed immediately. U would not believe what we spend on animal health. Honestly, it is the livelyhood for my family so I certainly have to do the best I can for my family which in turn means doing the best I can for the animal.

      U stop eating my product and I will stop producing animals for your consumption. Be realistic. There is a demand for my product, u tell me how u want me to do it and i will tell u what u are gonna pay for a slice of bacon. Give me a more viable solution and I will do it cause bottom line that animal is gonna be food one way or the other and I am not an inhumaine person. Bottom line is u cannot replace livestock or milk. And don’t tell me dairy animals are not in the groups above as they are. To deny that would be hippocritical. Do u drink milk ? Do your research into the dairy industry as it is much the same as any other type of livestock farming. If u drink milk then shut up. U are contributing to a cause u are trying to prevent. Oh go figure eh. Doing God’s work right. Drink soy milk, put that in your coffee or tea or in your kids chocolate milk. Yummy.

      This is all a joke as u misrepresent the industry. I know, I am the industry.

      And lastly, do not bring God into it. Have you ever seen a lion stalk and kill their prey. U know the old national geographic film where the animal is eating it’s prey ( zebra) and the prey is still alive. Nature is nature and is certainly much crueler than I would say livestock farming is and nature is one of God’s finest creations.

      I am comfortable at the end of every day that I have done the best for my animals and sleep well, as do they.

      Oh I forgot, ya cannot eat eggs either. U know why eh ? Well pal, u are gonna starve. Or be hippocritical. What, you can justify drinking milk and eating eggs. Not eh. Might as well have a piece of bacon with that too.

      As we like to say…… If you have eaten today, thank a farmer…..

      1. Thank you for your postings Bonnie and David. Bonnie, you are kind and we appreciate your comments. Each week (3 x a week) we bear witness of the suffering of baby pigs (4-6 month old–they are babies; their life span is like dogs… if it were a truck load of 6 month old dogs, everyone would weep) and young cows (they are 16 months old–babies too with bright scared eyes) in the transport trucks on their way to slaughterhouses in Toronto… Thanks for your thoughts David. We are pro-worker too and you are right, it is the consumer who rules, and it’s others who have to do unnecessary dirty work b/e of them. In Thomas Moore’s book Utopia, written a few hundred years ago, the citizens in his utopia did not participate in slaughter b/e that would offend their civic outlook, so it was slaves (yes, he still had slaves in his utopia!) who would do the slaughter. Slaughterhouse workers have the highest injury rate of any class of workers (more than police and coal miners). Some of our members are former slaughterhouse workers and factory farmers or factory farm hands. One woman who worked at Fearman’s, including on the ‘kill floor’ for a week got a lifelong injury. Slaughterhouses are hell for animals and workers. I took footage of the pigs suffering as electric prods are used to race them down in single file down a chute and then force them 2-3 at a time into a elevator chamber to descent into the basement and be ‘gassed’ or poisoned with carbon dioxide gas (CO2 is heavier than air so that’s why they go into the basement in this horror house)… if they happen the baby pig is healthy and happens to take a big breadth before going into the gas chamber they are likely to wake up and may be bled and thrown into the scalding tank while alive… The pigs, dear sir, that you live with may end in this horrible fate that we wouldn’t even wish upon our worst enemy (that is if we are Christ-like or Buddha-like or Gandhian and Tolstoyan–that is believe in the idea of brotherly love and love thy neighbour). Even the Norwegian company names Butina and Anitec which makes the killing facility assembly plant for “Quality Meat Packers” slaughterhouse in Toronto admits this when they say “Try not to send conscious pigs into the scalding tank”. I’ve done a video of the process after observing it first hand. David take a few minutes (I know you’re busy) but if you can spare a bit of time, to watch this video I did this summer… it means a lot to me… Maybe someday David, you’ll be able to farm organic, whole grain plant based food… and there will be great joy in that and that you’ll also be able to save your pigs and set up a farm sanctuary… there are more and more appearing in the world… I’m sure Jesus would love to have seen Peaceable Kingdom’s on earth… humans have a choice… we can go vegan and be healthier for it and protect our dear water and climate at the same time. Good luck to you. Here’s the link to our “Quaker”-like action of bearing witness:

  5. Kelly Says:

    I want to join you. I used to work near by on Queen street. I am going to email the above email!

  6. pembleton Says:

    I drive beside these death wagons on Lakeshore almost every day and actually have to slow down, change lanes or whatever it takes to not pull along side them. I think a day of slowing/blocking the trucks path would be great. I realize, however, it is hard to win the support of the public when you slow down their daily commute. On the other hand maybe they will then take notice.

    1. Hi, Great comments…. please join our protests sometime… we’re on facebook also “Toronto Pig Save” and would love to see you there!

  7. monique cook Says:

    Hi. My name is Monique. My sister Louise and I joined you a couple of Sundays ago. I met wonderful people. I live in Kitchener and would so very much want to help in any way I can. My Son (he’s 24) and I can go to Toronto on a weekend and give any assistance possible. If you could please let me know any upcoming details, it would be much appreciated. My heart is still there where we stood.

    1. Hi Monique, Thanks for coming out last week. We’d love for you and our son to come out again. We are doing protests this week on Thurs., Oct 13, 3-6pm, Friday 8-10 and Saturday (Oct 13), 8-10. Can you let me know if you’re on facebook? Please join our group there “Toronto Pig Save”. Thanks so much. xxxx

  8. monique cook Says:

    Hello. Thanks so much for replying. Since we are in Kitchener and I work Monday to Friday, my Son Adam and I can join you on a Saturday or Sunday. I am not familiar with Toronto, but we can get to “Pig Island” and/or Quality Meats, or wherever else. Please let me know when that would work for you and us. Thanks again, hoping to see you soon. Monique
    p.s. I am going to join Facebook, that will help as well.

    1. Hi Monique, Great. We have a protest this Sat. 8-10 am on pig island…hope to see you there. See you on FB too:)

  9. Louise Antonioni Says:

    Hi this is Louise, Monique’s sister. Didn’t know you got on Sis… Anyway it was a powerful experience on Pig Island and at “Quality”. Now I know for sure that the world is mad. I can’t even talk about this to anyone for fear of the floodgates opening. I wanted to run down that bloody driveway past that guard and scream for mercy for the angels inside. How can mankind be so cruel or desensitized to their agony and fear? This is not normal and justice will fall where it deservedly should at the Pearly Gates!

    1. Dear Louise, It was so good having you and Monique at the protest. I know how hard it is to bear witness… but the whole world needs to and then animal exploitation and abuse will end. I don’t feel anger towards the workers… I am trying to help them get out of their hellish jobs and onto a new food economy which is plant-based. The workers, just like you and I when we ate meat and dairy, turn off the switch in their heart and are disconnected…. what we need to do is re-connect _everyone_ so that they feel compassion, love and respect for all living beings. I love your passion and compassion… take care and hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Tanya Says:

    I am a avid protester in Toronto and have been for several years. If you need an extra voice, I am available! I am also a Veterinarian.

    1. Thank you Tanya, Please join us at our weekly vigils. We have a Facebook “Weekly Vigils and Upcoming Events” page: Hope to see you soon. Cheers, from crew at TPS:)

    2. Chris Says:

      hi Tanya,

      Do you practice? I would love to support someone as caring as you. I have two cats and family and friends who have pets.


  11. Derek Says:

    The quote about glass walls on your front page couldn’t be more wrong. I know what happens in a slaughterhouse and I love pork….I’ve seen all the bleeding heart videos you guys love to shove down other people’s throats to force your opinions on the rest of us. Long live my pork sandwich and the pork industry. Down with all the bleeding heart cry babies.

    1. Jenn Says:

      You’re an idiot! Can’t you tell this is a page for people who believe in animal rights? You obviously don’t have a heart if you can watch those videos and not be affected. You are a complete waste to society. Only if it was legal to slaughter humans….you would be on VIP list!

      1. Chris Says:

        I completely agree with Jenn’s comment to Derek. Bye Derek you are a waste of space.

    2. Ian Says:

      Okay, so if you know what happens in a slaughterhouse, please tell us about it. Enlighten us please, Derek.

      And we don’t “shove” opinions down other people’s throats. That’s actually quite offensive what you said. You don’t see us pointing guns at people telling them to be a vegetarian. Rather, it is the fact (yes, FACT) that thousands of innocent chickens, pigs, and cows are brutally killed in this world every second, so unless we can do something about it, the trend will remain the same.

      Yes I’m a crybaby, and you know what, I’m fucking proud of it. It’s better that than to be an apathetic sheep in this society who believes every BS that the government tell us.

      PS: That pork industry you mentioned is actually pretty corrupt and they probably had a good time profiting off of apathetic people like you by covering the slaughterhouse walls so that you’d have no idea what’s going on inside. Good job! Continue to support this corrupt industry by being a sheep please (lol ironic, I can’t believe I said the word “sheep” :).)

    3. Says:

      Love this. Signed, PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals)

      1. Hillary Matt Says:

        I don’t believe anyone was forced to come to this website, ie ‘Derek’ and ‘’, so please do everyone a favour and keep your insulting, disgusting and horrifying comments to yourselves. At least once a day my faith in people is brought right back to the lowest level. Nobody should have to explain or justify that brutally killing an innocent creature is wrong, and I won’t do that. Sooner or later, what goes around comes around.

  12. Michelle Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to protest the pig slaughter in Toronto..

    You have brought awareness to the cruel behavior that is inflicted on pigs and their horrific treatment from life to death..You are an inspiration, I don’t eat pork anymore for that reason (hotdogs, pepperoni, bacon etc). I try not to eat any meat, but sometimes I eat fish and I”m trying to cut back..thanks for the awareness.

    1. Ian Says:

      Good work Anita. You’re one animal rights activist that we could all rely on.

      On a side note I can’t believe some of the comments other people wrote. PETA? Really? It seems that we need to inform the society a little bit more.

    2. Thank you Michelle, Please join us. We need thoughtful and compassionate people such as yourself at our weekly vigils. You can sign up on Facebook here: Take care, TPS crew

  13. monique cook Says:

    Thanks Jenn. You said it well to Derek, the sad mean cold man that needs to vent his frustrations. My Son Adam and I were with Anita and fellow TPS lovely people this past Sunday. If possible, I would stand tall every week with them for this amazingly worthy cause. Someone needs to speak up for the defenceless, abused and voiceless innocent victims of our cold and greedy species. Every voice counts! Love and Light, Monique

  14. Ian Says:

    Hiya everyone!

    You might know me as that slightly frivolous poster on the Toronto Pig Save page on facebook. Anyways, the reason why I’m here is because I’m utterly disgusted by factory farms, and I have a very strong empathy towards these poor chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep that have to endure through human cruelty on a daily basis. I started developing views like this when an adorable little pig saved my life when I was 3, but I’ll talk more about that on a later day. Anyways, I feel that the worst part of cruelty from factory farming is that all of these is happening in Canada and United States, the countries that are deeply respectful about human rights. So now my question is, if we take into so much consideration about the well being of humans, why not animals? Just because one creature walks on four legs means that it’s okay for us to lock them up inside cages, abuse them, and then kill them, basically making them live in the worst possible condition ever?

    Personally, I have this view that history repeats itself, and that factory farming is one of the evils of human nature. Right now people may argue that factory farming is okay, but 500 years back people argued that slavery was okay.

    1. monique cook Says:

      Hi Ian. I really like your comment, and am very interested to hear about your life saving experience at 3, please share. I agree with you completely. I’m horrified by the extent of our species cruelty and greed. How ashamed I am, We cannot be afraid to speak out!

      1. Ian Says:

        Thanks Monique.

        I definitely would share it, but I dunno… there are people using this site (i.e. Derek) who’s more interested in attacking us than contributing, so I think I might want to keep quiet about it in order to save my neck. I could send it to you via private messages though if that’s possible.

      2. monique cook Says:

        Hi Ian. I’d love that, how can we do this? I can give you an email address, would that work? I am not a computer guru, not too good at it. But would love to hear more from you. Monique >^..^<

      3. Ian Says:

        Actually Monique I sort of changed my mind. I’m going to post my story here. Yeah I’m not too good with computers either. 😦

        I actually had a lot of fun replying to Derek’s post hehe. I post on these internet sites not only to express my concerns, but also I love to bitch about cruel some human beings are.

  15. Ian Says:

    I feel like sharing a story that I’ve always wanted to tell to a human soul, and this page seems to be the best place for me to share it. It involved my first choice of why I decided never to eat pork for the rest of my life.

    During my tender young age of 3, I lived with my parents inside a barn house, un-conveniently located right next to a sea of quicksand. We owned all sorts of animals, from ducks to cows to pigs. There was this one pig that I bonded very well with. He was a playful little dude; we raced with each other, played hide and seek with each other, and communicated a bit with each other. If it’s one thing that society fails to notice, it’s that pigs are SMART. But I digress.

    So one day, I was playing with my pig a few miles away from the house. I accidentally stepped onto a pile of quicksand, and I noticed that both my two feet were sinking. And sinking. AND SINKING. I tried screaming, asking somebody to help me, but being far far away from my house, nobody could hear me. The pig, however, quickly rushed to my aid. He dashed right towards my house, quickly notified my grandfather, and he came over to help pull me out of the quicksand. The pig saved my life!

    Alas, he wasn’t a human :(. He was a PIG! One month after I noticed that my poor pig was being brutally slaughtered for food. Did the fact that he saved my life stop them from sparing the pig’s life? NO! It doesn’t matter if me and him had developed this special bond; he was a pig that was raised for food, and he’ll always be that pig that’s raised for food. Even till today I still couldn’t cope with what happened to that poor living being. However, I did make a promise never to eat a single flesh from a pig as long as I live.

    I still think that my parents at that time were far far better than a typical factory farm worker though. At least they didn’t constantly keep those animals inside cages. But… why did they have to kill the poor creature that saved my life?

  16. monique cook Says:

    Wow, I am very moved by your story that you were nice enough to share. It is a heartbreaking story of love, rescue and disassociation between human and animal by man’s choice alone. I’ll never know what people think gives them the right to dictate the fate of another sentient being.

    1. Ian Says:

      Thanks, Monique.

      It’s the sad truth that when we were brought up, we associate the animal “pig” not as animals but as food. Realistically though, a pig is no different from a dog.

  17. Tina Says:

    Thanks for all you do for the pigs. I hope to be out there with you sometime this coming summer.

    1. Hey Tina, yes please join us. We need you at our weekly vigils. You can sign up here: Hope to see you soon! TPS crew

  18. monique Says:

    Wow! What a cold person! What a lack of compassion and humanity! How scary, I wonder how you live day to day without a heart? Do you treat everyone so compassionless, or do you save that for the innocent? What a sad individual. What a sad life you must have. To have no heart and no love in you at all. I pity you.

  19. monique Says:

    My email above is in response to DGDTSR, whoever that pathetic individual is.

    1. Thanks Monique… I think I may have deleted that person’s cruel and insensitive comments, but thanks for caring and responding. Take care!

  20. Mirella Says:

    Hi there,

    I wanted to thank you for your courage speaking up for the pigs.
    I wish there more people who could open their eyes and their hearts.
    But some just don’t have a heart. Never give up.

    I am also fighting to stop the use of the caleche in Montreal.
    This the FB page

    We need more people to address single issues if we want to get animal rights in the constitution!

    Btw, the famous phrase on your page “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian” is by Lev Tolstoj.
    He wrote various essays in defense of animals.

    Lots of hugs,

    1. Thanks so much Mirella for getting the word out ❤

  21. Noel Palmer Says:

    Good for you doing such amazing and difficult work. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years. I think that pigs are such sensitive and beautiful animals. I would like to make a small donation and sign your petitions.
    My name is Noel Palmer

    1. Dear Noel, Thanks for helping our campaign. If you are on FB and Toronto, please RSVP on this page to receive weekly updates of the 3 events we do every week of the year: Also, we have a very active FB group at:
      Kind regards, Toronto Pig Save

  22. Stefanie Says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering how I can get involved? Please email me at

    Thank you!

  23. Stefanie Says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering how I can get involved? Please email me at

    I would be interested in volunteering.

    Thank you!

  24. Tina Says:

    To the person who rambled and was are vulgar.

  25. Hi Toronto Pig Save – I just read the article about your organization in the Toronto Sun, turned to my boyfriend and said “Let’s give up pork.” So we have. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Hi, you made our day smalltwnfashion 🙂 Thank you to you and your bf… you’re our heroes… Can I ask you to consider making another huge jump… did you know we also have a Toronto Cow Save and a Toronto Chicken Save… can you please watch our first and only video so far for cow save… it has an inspiring middle part so please persevere: We don’t have a Chicken Save video yet… Also, can you please join us for one of our vigils? We’re on FB under the “Toronto Pig Save” group name and have a “like” page too where we list our vigil times… also this website (under vigils) has a google calendar with vigils times… it’ll change you forever… it did me… if an article changed you both, imagine what bearing witness first hand would… please feel free to call or email us and we can give you more details… Thanks again for all the light you bring 🙂

  26. monique Says:

    Hello Everyone. I live in Kitchener, and have joined TPS twice. If I lived in Toronto I would help every week. If anyone knows of any way that I can help from here in any way please let me know. TPS is a wonderfully compassionate group of amazing people. Please let me know. thank You, Monique

  27. Veggiegurl Says:

    I have been a vegetarian for about hmmm say 1 1/2 years and I love it! It is not vegan, but it’s a step in the right direction, right? I live in Alabama, so you know how that is. I am one of the only vegetarians in my town, and I am kind of the odd one in the bunch! I don’t think there is much I can do where I am, and if I were to try to start a Pig Save group in my community, my friend and my sister and I would literally be the only people! I try to inform as many people as I can about the truth on slaughterhouses, but their best comeback is, “Well what about bacon?” and then they kinda laugh and change the subject… I am not really in a good place to donate a good sum of money, but if there is anything I could do somehow someway shoot me an email!!!! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hello Veggiegurl, All you need is someone else to form a group and if you sister and a friend can join you to start doing vigils that would be awesome… You’d be surprised but if what you’re doing is the right thing, people will eventually see the light, especially if you use a Gandhian/Kingian/Tolstoyan love-based approach to social change… I would love to talk more if you’d like to start something in Alabama. This month a new North Carolina Chicken and Pig Save formed. I can put you in touch… Our pig save group is large and we may have members from Alabama… Are you on our FB group? Take care, Anita, Toronto Pig Save crew 🙂

  28. monique Says:

    Hi Anita and everyone. I haven’t been in Toronto for a couple of years or had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with you. I live in the Kitchener area and if anyone knows of someone in this area that I can contact to help in any way or if anyone knows of something in this area that I can do to help in any way, can you please let me know? Much appreciated. All the best, Monique

  29. Peter Cujett Says:

    Hello Anita, Your recent message on the internet (giving water to thirsty hogs on their way to slaughter) so deeply touched me; first with ANGER and OOUTRAGE, then with sorrow. I am an American senior and (unfortunately) have no money (on social security which is a pittance) and am partially disabled; BUT I am willing to do whatever I am able to, to further your group’s aims! Please tell me what has to be done and rest assured, I SHALL cooperate as best II can. I hope very much you will NOT face prosecution for “committing criminal mischief!” What a cruel and senseless joke!! It’s also a waste of taxpayer’s money and an insult to every one who has a sense of deceny and compassion! Thank you and God Bless you and everyone who works with you. Very sincerely, Peter Cuett

  30. JJ Says:

    Hey there are you still active? I am a web developer and would be happy to help you update your site if you are still fighting the good fight. You can contact me at

  31. dainty Says:

    thoight you might like this animation

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